Network Installs

Network installation may seem to not be a big issue for you however if you're having constant drop outs, internet going out...or wirless disconnecting it could be much bigger than you think

We're a local penrith business so you know that we'll be quicker to get to you than most companies, and sometimes that can be the key between getting your paperwork sent off on time or having your work completed on time in general leaving you with more time to relax and do with the things you'd rather deal with.

So what do Network Installations mean to the average mum and dad? Well simply put it means we can fix those pesky wirless drop outs, we can get those gaming systems online, we can set up a new network to connect all your phones, tablets, tvs to work together in harmony..And on top of that we can give you the best advice on what is the best internet plan for your circumstance.