What's the point of an SSD? Should I get one?

SSD stand for Solid State Drive and what that is basically is like a flash drive, it's a hard drive without moving parts, the advantage of this is they are a bit more tolerant to movement compared to drives with a series of platters as well as offering better read and write speeds.

The question of should you get one really comes down to budget, if you don't have one and your computer and laptop can support it you will definitely know a huge increase in speed. With laptops there are not a huge amount you can upgrade - basically hard drive and memory for the most part are your options upgrading to an SSD will decrease boot time largely.

So what SSD would be best to get? I'd go a reputable brand, when it comes to your data you want something you can trust so the big brands who are still around are generally still there for a reason, they tend to offer better support and better tested products. This isn't to say you shouldn't back it up, whenever you have data you don't want to lose you should always back up.

So if you want to look at getting an SSD for your computer or have got one and want it installed click here to contact us