Best internet providers

Here we cover the best and most affordable internet providers available so you can have a decent idea who to pick when sorting out your internet. It's worth noting we're covering providers that offer NBN

Top NBN winners: TPG & Kogan

Below we explain in more detail what and why.


TPG offer great plans for a great price, unfortunately however they bundle the home phone..which wouldn't be an issue but they require a backup battery installed in order to get the plan which depending if you are renting may not be viable
Rating: 7.0/10


Internode have deals which aren't outrageous but not the best by far, their claims on speaking to them were 'You pay more for our plans however make up for it with support' This i feel aren't really substanciated, whilst their support doesn't seem outsourced and is local, their support seems hit or miss with who you talk to for the support you get.
For example: I was moving house and wanted to continue with them however didn't want to pay for another connection fee and didn't want to get in a lock-in contract. The first of their support basically said "Yeah, that's too bad, if you want to stay with us you need to get on a 24 month contract or pay the full fee.". However when their sales or support team contacted me back to organise the switch (Despite me telling him to cancel my service being they couldn't help) They then offered the connection fee half price, or a 12 month contract rather than 24 and he offered to throw in a new router. Just an example how their team can be utterly useless as well as incredibly accommodating.
Rating: 5.0/10


Kogan offer brilliant deals comparable to TPG without requiring backup batteries or bundling. However their support is by far the worst i've dealt with, their payment method is basiically set up and forget, if there is an issue with a payment be prepared to call them up and give over your payment details because they offer no internet payment options which is a shame because this company has a great deal of potential.
Rating: 7.0/10


We've added this purely to express that their deals aren't great, sure they may be one of the better known but when it comes to price and what they offer it's not really great. An example of their lowest tier plan from their site is $69 a month for up to 25mbps download and 100gb of data, for perspective TPG offer for the same price unlimited data at 45mbps, internode offer at just a fraction more ($5) 44mbps down and 500gb of downloads, and kogan Offer 44mbps with unlimited downloads for that price

Rating: 2.0/10


Another well known one that isn't that great, marginally better than telstra optus offers for eligable mobile customers a $65 plan that gives you 40mbps down with unlimited downloads. This however is only good for those who have an eligable mobile plan with them and with that being said I would not recommend them either, with support I'm not too sure where they stand being previously they didn't seem that good.

Rating: 2.0/10