Consultation and support
We're eager to get exactly what you want which is why we like to sit down and get down the details of what you need ensuring you've the best solution for you - be it a new website, computer functionality or perhaps something else we can offer. We don't just tell you what to do, we help you learn what you need.

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Hardware repairs
Hardware servicing and repairs
Over time computers can play up, and unfortunately hardware can fail. However that's not an issue for our technical staff who can assess faults and failures in a system, diagnose and replace the problem parts getting you back to business in no time. We also build computers to what you need be it intel or AMD, nvidia or ati

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Software installation and repairs
Software Maintenance
More and more there seems to be a prevailance of viruses and bugs in computers, Our exceptional software support team has the skills and tools needed to remove viruses and spyware, fix problem software to keep you running efficent and hassle free. We can even help source software and get it all set up and running for you!

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It's our aim to provide a high quality service at a reasonable price because although for most business is about making money, for us it's about giving back to the community as well. We've worked with plenty of domestic as well as commercial clients, focusing on what they actually need and what is the best solution we can give them.

So if you want to update or create a site for your business or self, want to update or fix your computer or anything in between, we can come up with a solution for you that wont break your bank or your budget.

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